Dear Consumer Ed:

Can I do anything to force my mortgage company to complete the refinance we started? I think my mortgage company is trying to avoid closing on the Streamlined VA Refi because they don't make enough money on these types of  loans. They have been delaying for over 3 months. Lost paper work, same VA papers filled out over and over, and excuses for not setting a closing date. Is this legal?

Consumer Ed says:

For the answer to this question, we went to the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. Here is their response...

I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with re-financing your home mortgage, but you are not alone.  In the current lending environment many lenders are having difficulties in dealing with the massive amounts of paperwork they are receiving relating to re-financing and modification requests.  We suggest that you communicate with your lender in writing and send them the documents via certified mail with return receipt requested.  Feel free to talk with your lender by phone, but always follow up in writing!  Since you are seeking a VA loan, you may want to contact The Veterans Administration's Consumer Affairs Service for assistance at (202) 273-5760 or via the web at  If your lender is a national bank, its primary regulator is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).  The OCC has a Customer Assistance Group that has a complaint process that might also be a helpful resource for you.  The OCC can be reached at (800) 613-6743. For their online complaint process, go to  Continue your efforts to follow up with your lender on a regular basis and provide information as requested as quickly as possible.  Good luck.

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